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Link Building — The Power Strategy For Any UK Web Site

Web sites need links. The major search engines have made it plain and clear; they will reward the websites that have good links coming into them better than the websites that don’t, all things being equal.

That pretty much sums it up. But link building actually goes further than that. It’s not just any links that you want to have or give out. It’s essential that the right kind of links is used.

Link Building — The Easy Way

There are many ways to implement link building into your website promotion strategy. However, one of the easiest, and oldest, methods that have stood the test of time is through articles.

Writing articles is easy to do. Anyone can do it, even if they think they can’t. It’s all about communication — not perfect grammar. Forget the old-school essay formula. That’s not writing articles. Learn how to use real article writing to incorporate simple, easy, and free link building into your website promotion strategy today.

Why Link Building is the Backbone Of A Web Site?

It’s all about links these days. There was a time when you could just put up a website and wait until the search engines index it. Then it would probably rank well and you would start making sales. Not anymore! You need backlinks, a considerable number of them to prove that your site is considered important by others.

Search engines use the number of backlinks to a website as one of the determining factors for that website’s ranking in the search engine. Backlinks appear to be one of the more important factors too, which is why they are vital for a site's ultimate success.

It’s not just backlinks though. It’s the nature of the backlink that’s important. If the backlink has relevant anchor text, then it is more important than a backlink that does not. And if the backlink is part of a reciprocal linking agreement, then that too is less important.

Another factor is the importance of the page that provides the backlink. If the page is considered an authority site with a medium to high Domain Rank, it uses relevant anchor text, and it is a one-way link, then it becomes very important indeed!

Why Link Building is a Proven Winning Move?

These days it is essential to have a link-building campaign for any website, old or new. Without links pointing at your site, you will not rank very high, regardless of how well structured your site may be. This is not something you can do overnight, but it can, and should, be started and built slowly but surely.

Submitting your site to reputable and preferably relevant directories is one easy way to build some backlinks. Not all the directories you submit to are good quality, you need to find the right ones.

Writing articles with relevant keywords and links pointing back to your site is another easy way to achieve link building. You can ask for links. Simply find sites that complement yours and ask if the owner would like to exchange links. Many will agree.

Link building takes time. It’s not really difficult, but you need to start as soon as possible and keep at it, a little at a time. One day you will realize that you have hundreds of links all pointing back to your site.

Write an article that is themed on the same theme as your website. Target a single page of the website, and write something complementary to that page. I don’t mean that you should complement it by saying how great it is, but rather complement (with an “e” instead of an “i”) it by producing an article that works well beside it.

You are allowed to have a resource box at the bottom of your article. This is where you can leave a hyperlink. Use the web page’s primary keyword as the anchor text in your resource box. Then simply keep on writing great articles and target all the pages on the website. This works!

Why Link Popularity is Important?

Link popularity, as far as a website is concerned, refers to the quality and the volume of links that are pointing back to your website. The thinking is that if a lot of good quality sites consider your site worth linking to, then your site must be quite important too. The more quality sites that link to you, the greater your link popularity. Link building is therefore important.

The downside of this neat little theory is the fact that it’s not very easy to achieve this. It could even be said that this is actually the most difficult part of SEO. The reason why is that the search engines want this process to be completely natural and not in any way artificial.

This simply means that unless your link-building strategies are completely above board, or at least appear to be, then you could find yourself dumped from the search engine rankings overnight. And it’s not just link building either. The search engines want your links to be authoritative in order to carry weight. They also want the links to be from sites that have a similar theme or focus as yours.

There are no real shortcuts to link building. It’s simply something that has to be done if you have any hope of your site getting anywhere in the search engine rankings. Don’t cut corners, or try to rush the procedure. Let it happen naturally and you will gain the trust of the search engines in time, and they will reward you handsomely.

Link building Secret — Your Way to Success

Over the past year or so it has become increasingly obvious that link building is the number one method of succeeding in the SEO game. You need all the other necessary components in place too, of course. But assuming that’s all taken care of, link building is the single most important strategy that will boost your website into the stratosphere, if performed properly.

It’s no secret that you need one-way links to your site from relevant high-quality sites. The perfect situation is a one-way link from a relevant high page rank authority site that uses your page’s primary keyword in the anchor text. It may seem, therefore, that 1,000 such links from a diverse variety of relevant sites would catapult your site into first place on every search engine.

Not really, unfortunately. If you have that many links that all used the exact same anchor text that just happened to be the primary keyword of your page, it would look very suspicious — nothing in life is that perfect. The search engines want the linking to be natural. They would expect some of the links to use anchor text like, “click here,” or something similar.

Links like that will not be viewed as being as important as those that use the keyword for the anchor text, but the “click here” links will be viewed as being natural and might even be expected. For this reason, your link-building strategy should use varied anchor text, if possible, and lots, and lots of links. It will take time, but it will be worth it!

How Link Building is Very Difficult?

Link building is perhaps one of the easiest ways that people can think of when it comes to building traffic entering their website. The whole process may sound simple. Choices made for potential link-building partners are usually prioritized according to their page rank which is not always a wise decision to do. Second, checking out the whole purpose of being a website, its relevance to the initiating party should be considered since no relation will bring in the wrong people and maybe tagged as a link farm rather than a good site to check out.

Depending on how you may look at it, link building is the simplest way to enhance traffic and gain better standings the next time a person would key in their queries through search engines. We all know that the issue of getting better exposure allows us to potentially earn more through known revenue-making schemes such as Adsense and affiliate programs. To achieve this, you need people to visit your site.

Link building is an acknowledged useful tool. But mapping out strategies and selecting the right sites to link to should also be placed into consideration. Without such areas for consideration, there will be no clear direction and category in which a site should be placed. Instead, it may be bringing in the wrong people and further making the site totally worthless and just a spam site.

It will always be tempting to get as many links as possible. But remember, you need to put quality in the generated traffic. Screen and choose wisely because not all sites are good sites to exchange links with.

Link Building With Relevance Only

To most of us, link building is easy as putting a site URL on your page which the other side should do as well. But while link building may seem to be easy to do to help generate more traffic for websites, it still remains that you should consider the target market to which you are catering.

For example, let us say you are after readers and visitors who have a specific interest in online gaming. Chances are you should target to exchange links with gaming sites as much as possible. Exchanging links with sites that are focused on business or politics will not generate the interest and will not really make sense as far as trying to get people to understand the essence and purpose of the site you have put up.

You really must get to know this marketplace and you must establish your position within it. To do that you must devour information: you must know the best news sites, the most popular newsletters, the busiest forums, and the most popular blogs. Sign up for the newsletters, get yourself a newsreader and sign up for as many useful RSS feeds as you can. These will deliver news to your desktop rather than you having to go and search for it — used well they can be a huge time-saver.

You will get visits and that is a given. But one visit from people who are not interested would be better off disregarded in exchange for people who would frequent your site for relevant references and updates. You cannot expect all people to try and force themselves into the whole concept of your site. It just doesn’t work that way.

Link building with any site is possible and easy. But for the purpose of establishing your site and not categorizing it as a link farm, try to be picky. Stay on track with your theme and site concept. Disregarding it will totally destroy your real purpose for putting up the site and that would be pretty much costly for you.

Linking Myths

There is still a lot of misinformation regarding the way that Google and the other search engines operate. Some people seem to think that they are at risk of being penalized because of the actions of others. In particular, they worry that a site in one of the so-called “bad neighborhoods” might link to their site and cause Google to view them as being tarred with the same brush.

Not so! Think about it. Using this technique any twisted mind could simply set up a site that does everything that Google doesn’t like, then set aside a day or so and link to every competitor he has. There wouldn’t be a thing you could do about it either. But, should that happen you will not be penalized. Believe me!

The same goes for unrelated sites. A belief that is quite prevalent thinks that if a totally unrelated site links to yours it will prevent your site from gaining PR. Rubbish! If you have a website about Butterflies and someone with a site about food nutrition links to you, nothing whatsoever will happen to you. The food nutrition site will be viewed badly, because he linked to you, an unrelated site — not the other way around. But that’s his problem — not yours.

The bottom line in this matter is this: a competitor cannot hurt you by linking to you in any way. A competitor can only hurt you by building a better site that ranks higher than yours in the SERPS, but that’s another story altogether.


Link building is probably the best single thing you can do to increase the overall success of a website. All the search engines love backlinks to a site, the more the merrier. The better quality of the links, and the more important the site providing the links, the better the search engines like it.

There are many ways to perform a link-building strategy. The article, long touted as the simplest, easiest, and one of the best ways to get backlinks, is still just that. Unique quality articles submitted to article directories for syndication is still a strategy that works like gangbusters. The search engines still love it, and it can be implemented in less than 30 minutes.

Of course, you can still request links for other sites that complement your own. It’s hard to get one-way links, but at least you can ask, and maybe they will agree. You can also pay for your links, though this may not be such a good long-term strategy, as Google and others probably don’t like it too much.

If your site is brand new, then you have a much greater uphill struggle to become respected in the eyes of Google and friends.

There is no easy route to link building. It has to be done one link at a time. In fact, that’s what the search engines expect to see, so anything else may seem suspicious in their eyes. But when you finally do manage to get a reasonable number of good-quality links to your site, you’ll start to benefit considerably from your efforts. This will make it all worthwhile.


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